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Aims & Objectives of foundation

The Gayana Saraswati Kishori Amonkar Foundation is a section 8, non-profit pvt ltd company, established to preserve and promote the rich legacy of the legendary Hindustani classical vocalist, Kishori Amonkar. She was a renowned performer and teacher of classical music, and her contribution to the field of Indian classical music is invaluable. The foundation is established with the aim of carrying forward her legacy and providing a platform for the promotion and propagation of Hindustani classical music. The foundation's objectives are to preserve and archive Amonkar's recordings, manuscripts, and other materials related to her life and work, to provide educational and training opportunities for students of Hindustani classical music, and to organize concerts, festivals, and other events to promote and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Indian classical music. This foundation is committed to preserving and promoting the invaluable contribution of Kishori Amonkar to Indian classical music and ensuring that her legacy continues to inspire and enrich the lives of future generations.


The Key Objectives are as follows:-

1) To establish a Center in her memory, which will preserve and nurture/promote her music, ideology, ideals and Hindustani Classical music.
2) The Foundation will be an epicenter to facilitate all genres of Indian Classical Music, Dance, Fine and Performing Arts.
3) To create facilities as follows;
- Class rooms, Faculty rooms, Administrative office.
- Library, Archive*, Museum, Souvenir Shop.
- Mini Auditorium/Theatre.
- Accommodation facility for out-station students.
- Instruments and equipment room.
- Recording studio/editing rooms.
4) To formulate a corpus through various funding initiatives and activities.
5) To produce and market literature, books, periodicals, and other relevant
educational material, audio-visual products, short-films and documentaries.
6) To organize events, festivals, conferences, programs, workshops, lectures and talks.
7) To facilitate research and training.
8) To facilitate making and manufacturing of musical instruments, their makers and artisans.
9) To create a fund towards academic grants, scholarships, awards, extending welfare support to senior/aged musicians/artists.
10) To procure copyright/I.P. rights of Mrs Amonkar’s musical creation/renderings.
11) To legally protect public use of such property to maintain purity, pedigree and ethical utilization in mass media and public in general.
12) To procure space/premise to establish and hous
e this Foundation and its activities.

*archive of her recordings, library, photographs, instruments and memorabilia.

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